Weighted balls/throwing program

For now, my throwing program is as follows: weighted 3x a week and whatever pitching/throwing I do at practice. I have practice 3x a week. At practice we will usually do pitching drills and/or pitch. Sometimes we will long toss if it’s nice enough out and sometimes we throw a bullpen. Usually around 20 pitches if we do. Is this too much throwing or is this a good amount? I was losing mph on my fastball because I was doing too much throwing/working out, so I’m trying to tone it down a bit. I do feel like I have been gaining my velocity back. I was in the 75-78 range recently, but I throwing consistenly in the low 80’s back at the spring tryouts.

This is the link to my my most recent pitching video. If you wouldn’t mind, guesstimating my speed. My last pitch felt the best. I did the stop watch thing to estimate my speed. I did it 13 times(15 but I took away to extremes)and my average speed was 86.8 mph. If I’m right, then I’m progressing really quickly.

Sorry about the long post. Let me know what you think my speed is about and if my throwing program is good.

Thanks in advance!

Sounds like a lot of throwing. Our guys are throwing weighted balls and batting practice three times per week on the same day, and the vast majority of them are not pitching off a mound (I don’t like pitching off a mound until January).

If you can handle that much throwing, then so be it. Personally I think people throw too little rather than too much these days.