Weighted ball workout (long toss or pitch)

I always hear that long toss is what helps you gain velocity but I never hear why long toss helps gain velocity more than just pitching. I have a weighted ball program I do in the summer and fall but now since its winter its harder to get outside. So I put up a matteress against the wall in my basement and I now thow against it every three days. I wanted to know if I should simulate pitching against the matteres by going through the windup and everything or should I pretend like Im long tossing and just throw the ball kind of high like I would outside when long tossing instead of low like you do when pitching.

weighted balls are not good to see y they are not good and dont add speed go to www.pitching.com were if you look around you will find reasons why it’s not safe.

well instead of weigthed balls i use regulation 5 oz balls should i pitch them or simulate like im long tossing up against a mattress. Which will help with gaining velocity

the only way to gain speed is to practice sound mechanics. This will add more speed not throwing long toss that’s just no good what proof has there been that long toss helps add more speed but mechanics are the most important.

Mills is trying to sell his stuff, same as every other pitching guru. I wouldnt take his word as gospel.

Try stuff for yourself and make a choice from there.

When has Mr. Mills used weighted baseballs? I have used weighted baseballs for several years now in one capacity or another with a littany of different aged kids as well as different levels of pitchers. I also have seen litature that contained research on its effectiveness, does Mr. Mills have these articles up for you to peruse or is he just against them for the sake of being against them?When Used correctly weighted baseballs are a great additive to most peoples training routines.

In fact, Mills used to be a big proponent of weighted baseballs. He changed his mind a few years ago for reasons he has not fully disclosed. Mills often makes claims against training methods that differ from his own. The problem is that he rarely backs his claims with any objective data.

The advice by kc86 to do your own research is good.

“I always hear that long toss is what helps you gain velocity but I never hear why long toss helps gain velocity more than just pitching.”

Long toss can be helpful for velocity increase simply because to make a successful long toss - a hard, long distance throw all the way to a base, or a good one-hopper - requires maximal throwing effort. Do you want to throw hard? Then practice throwing hard. Long toss is one effective way to do this.

Be sure to not overdo it, and include appropriate strength and flexibility work to help condition your arm for this type of activity. Here’s a link to a solid long toss program: