Weighted Ball Success/Failures

I just started my weighted ball program today. With just the 4,5,6 oz. , and was wondering how some of you guys luck was with these. And how long does it was for you to start seeing results. If you had any injuries with the weighted balls I would like to know too. Thanks for any help.

weighted balls are great it help me gained about 3 mph in my first 3 weeks

I gained a few mph last fall doing a program, but commitment and length were both lacking, unfortunately. Wish I had atleast logged down what when and numbers possibly.

I just started my program for this offeseason. It will be well documented so I will have everything tracked. I wouldn’t say there is any “instant gratification” but it doesn’t take very long either. A mph in a week or two is solid progress by any standards.

What program do you guys do…like how long do you throw with each one. Cause its hard for me to find someone to throw with so alot of times I throw into a net.

Distance isn’t necessarily critical factor it’s really the effort you put into each throw. A net should be fine, just work on good repeated mechanics, and driving the ball through the net with I would say around 90% effort (others may say different though, just my personal oppinion on effort).

are you pitching w/ the weighted balls or just playing pass?I’m confused as to if weighted balls should be pitched or just played pass with. Will pitching them ruin your arm? or increase velocity?

My program came from baseballfit.com He gives recommended distances, but also he says you can just throw into a net.

AS long as you are also incorporating some long toss, tubing, and some mound work you should see some big strides. You will not see them in a week or so.

I waited until my son turned 13 and he worked his butt off. His Velo went from 68 to 73/74. He also was on a long toss program. He threw the underweight balls into a net.

Also did backwards chaining using the Ron Wolforth DVD’s and lots of running.

Hardwork really paid off as he is playing multi positions due to a strong arm P/C/OF. If you have a strong arm and can hit they will find a place on the field for you!

Good Luck!

In my experience, injuries with weighted balls typically occur when you try to throw 1lb or 2lb balls at full speed.

Given the weights you are talking about, you shouldn’t face those problems. Of course, I’m skeptical about whether you will see much in the way of results.

Let us know what happens.