Weighted ball results

hey i just wanted to let some people who are interested in the affects of weighted balls know how they worked for me. I am a D1 college pitcher going into my soph year. I had a solid year 4.50 ERA in 60 innings which is pretty good for a freshman, but i felt that a little extra velocity would take me to the next level so i decided to try weighted balls out (along with a very strict strength and cond. program). anyways i usually work in the 83-86 mph range as a lefty. I had my first start of the summer after working for about 3 weeks 2-3 times a week with the weighted balls, and in my start i have never felt the ball explode out of my hand the way it was last night. I will definitely be using the balls the rest of the summer.

This is amazing, i keep hearing so many good things about the weighted balls but since i had tommy john im doing everything in my power to stay away from them. Thats good that the balls feels that good out of our hand. Just dont try to overdue it and keep working hard.

How old are you? What weights do you use? How do you work out with them?

im 19, i’ll be 20 in a month, going into my sophomore year. My workout with them is simple, and only involves 6oz., 5oz., and 4oz. balls. I warm up with the regulation baseball, stretching out to about 150-180 feet. Then I go to the mound and throw 10 pitches at about 85% with the 5oz regulation ball. I follow that with 15 pitches at around 85% with the 6oz ball, and then 15 pitches a little harder for arm speed with the 4oz ball. I then finish up with 10 more pitches with the 5oz ball.

Weighted balls worked for me. I know what u mean on how it explodes out of your hand. I hear a bunch of people say that there not good for you and that you shouldn throw them but i say if it works use it. You should aalso think about using a light ball to throw as well with the weighted cause it will help you increase arm speed along with gaining strength. By the way who do you play for.

i do use a 4 ounce ball