Weighted ball programs?

I was wondering if it’s suggested to do a weighted ball program? I know it’s a controversial topic among some of the pitching gurus that constantly advertise their evidence that it’s harmful/doesn’t work.

Any suggestions on some programs?

We use two kinds of weighted balls in our facility. The results have been pretty good. I’ll let others elaborate.

If I may ask, are those any heavier than 11 OZ? I’ve seen some articles suggesting that 6 should be the max.

Well I’ll talk a bit about it. I don’t want to go on at length just because this isn’t my forum and I try not to overly advertise.

We use two sets of balls:

Driveline Elite Weighted Baseballs
-3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 11 oz stitched balls
-Pure arm speed, run and gun throws
-Used in our free eBook (see sig)

TAP Weighted Balls
-3.5, 5, 7, 14, 21, 32 oz pliable balls
-More arm care, mechanical work, pronation, etc.
-Similar to The Athletic Pitcher movements (walking torques, connection ball throws) as well as Marshall drills (drop-out throws, pivot throws)

I am not advertizing. However, I can tell you that my son has done three rotations with Kyle’s weighted ball program and gotten really good results. He uses 3 oz to 11 oz weighted balls.

I’ll second the recommendation of Kyle’s program. I haven’t personally used it, but I have done the Athletic Pitcher Program.

In that program, we use weighted balls up to 2 lbs every day. Our arm injuries have decreased dramatically (and most of the injuries come from those who blow the program off). It helped my arm stay healthier than it ever had been before and, now that I’m off the program, my arm hasn’t felt nearly as good as when I was on it.

That’s how we see the divide between the products. We use the TAP/Wolforth balls for arm care and arm strength and ours for arm speed and velocity. Has worked out well for us.


It is suggested in sports physiology to gain Muscle, Tendon, ligament and bone density and mass to perform the best and mitigate unfitness that causes many injuries.

This is best attained by using the main tenet in sports physiology called “sport specificity” while over and underload training. Nothing else comes close because of overlapping contractions (compounding) in the Kinetic chain that must match the way you competitively perform.

Conventionally taught pitching mechanics are enharently injurious at all aspects from the top half to the bottom half that eliminates sport specific resistance in a training program and why these pitchers are continually detraining and always unfit to perform at any level.

Just look at the mechanics of these Guru’s to know why they get the results they do.

Learn proper non-injurious mechanics!!! Then start an interval training program that incorporates a heavy ball to overload your motion. This will make you fit to perform.

Always go over the information that is provided by the credentialed initiator of these techniques free at Dr.Mike Marshall’s site, just as I did, Wolforth did, Kyle did and all others who use this technique before you start a program.

We do not use weighted baseballs but believe even this minimal overload helps. We use a regulation baseball for underload and motor skill on the bump.

We use a minimum of 6 lb. shot put or lead balls for biologically aged 16 yo and up along with a minimum of 10 lb. Wrist weights, to achieve proper hypertrophy to make the next jump in physiological adjustment.