Weighted ball offseason workout?

I haven’t started one yet, but plan on starting one this offseason. Heres a post I made earlier in the year towards another person asking your question.

[quote]Weighted balls used to be thought of as harmful…before anybody did any decent research on them.

Heres an essay written by Ron Wolforth. Index of /

Here is the main reason why I believe weighted balls can only do good, the best paragraph in the essay IMHO regarding weighted balls.

Wolforth is one of the best minds out there when it comes to efficiently throwing a baseball.[/quote]

idk about weighted balls but the football players have less injuries and they throw a heavier ball than a baseball player is just a terrible argument. they dont nearly as much or as hard as pitchers do and throwing a baseball is much more strenous.

I would think throwing a 15oz football at velocities around 80mph would be a little more strenuous than throwing a 6oz baseball. Most guys on here are only going to throw that 6oz ball around 75-80mph.

I’m pretty sure quarterbacks throw more than baseball pitchers too. Unlike professional baseball, the time between games in college and the NFL is at least a week maybe even longer. I would imagine that quarterbacks throw full intensity at practices maybe 4-5 days a week.

at most a qb will throw 30-40 times a game thats once a week. and out of those throws how many are at full effort. a qbs throws are nowhere near as strenous as a pitchers. and no qbs dont throw nearly as much as pitchers do.

Yeah, I’m going to side with TD on this one. You cannot compare football QB’s to pitchers, and nor can you compare softball players to baseball players. Although the softball may be 1 oz. heavier, the field is much smaller … And don’t forget that also no softball players are going to the throwing the ball full speed 90 times in a game. The football QB to pitcher comparison is just plain too exaggerated and ridiculous to be taken seriously. Quarterbacks firstly don’t throw even half of what a pitcher would, and secondly the motions are completely different…

But seems nobody has tried a weighted ball program, does anyone use, or have used, a weighted ball at all in their pre-game warm up? I’ve heard it’s a fairy common ritual but have never seen, or noticed anyway, it put into the pre-game practice.