Weighted ball ideas

Going to take over a high school squad in the next 2-3 weeks with my father. It’s a small private school that has a lot recognition in basketball with a lot of athletes being brought in and we have nba and several d1 players as alumni. So no baseball players play basketball and only a few play football. We will have our guys year around and will be doing the jaeger style long 3x per week this summer along with video analysis of swings and throws.

We will then move to Setpro BWBK for 13 weeks along with other stuff to increase throwing velocity, intent,etc.

Here is my question:
When doing the weighted ball throws. I was thinking of having the pitchers use the 6 cleat move/rotational slide step into the net at 20 feet with max effort for the 6 pitchers we are developing.

Is this beneficial? I could also have the players take a few steps to throw like standard programs to and heave it.

Speedtrac x will be utilized for feed back and I think using your stretch mechanics can really help you in both the loading and unloading phases.

Tell me your thoughts of why the rotational slide step is superior, inferior, or indifferent to a players velocity gains throwing weighted balls as opposed to the standard “take a few steps and throw” method.


Both are very useful and important IMO. It depends on the goal of the activity and the focus from the individual. I don’t ever think it’s about the drill, it’s the intent that shapes the drill. You could teach loading/unloading of the hips many different ways but unless they are aware or have intent to load the hips, it doesn’t matter. I defiitely think you’re on the right track with your thoughts and I love teh 6 cleat move.

It all comes down to what you’re testing and what you’re focusing on. It’s specific intent coupled immediate feedback that’s going to make the difference.

I think it’s important to bridge the gap between your senses, focus on creating an environment rich in sensory and intent and you’re going to see positive results.

The windup is totally overrated with respect to what it adds to the delivery velocity wise.

As anyone watched Yu Darvish of the ranges? No windup pitches out of the stretch.

The problem I have with the windup is this too many moving parts that get in the way of things. Especially if you’re trying to focus on a certain aspect of the delivery specifically improving the coupling of the body to the arm.

If I was working with a high school team I would throw away the windup and pitch exclusively out of the stretch or should I say rotational slide step which is much different than what most people think of as the stretch.

My belief is that especially for less experienced players teaching them the rotational slide step is actually going it give them higher velocity than pitching out of the windup.

Again my opinions based upon my “too many years” of doing this “stuff”.

Any clips of the rotational slide step ? Havent heard that term before. Thanks

Here is a discussion of the rotational slide step with some downloadable clips.


Thanks I looked at that link earlier and couldnt get any of the videos to play, are they showing up for you guys? Or does someone have another clip?

Thanks for everyone’s input, especially Paul’s. I’ll check my hard drive to see what I have rotational slide step wise.

Any other thoughts on doing bwbk while using 6 cleat move/rss?