Weightbench vs homegym?

Cant seem to decide on wich to go for. Have an empty room un used. so might aswell get it filled up with some workout goods !

Now both have their pro’s n con’s.
Any opinions?

+1 for bench

Home gyms are fine for most non-athletes, but they restrict the full range of motion you get with free weights.

True on the range of motion. Though lower body workouts? Benches ( that arent crazy expensive ) can do up to 40-60kg. thats for 2 legs at a time.

Could also get a powerrack , but then again, this would raise the costs.

The lower body part is 1 of the con’s of the bench I guess?

go with a power rack and at least a few hundred pounds of weights.

Anything with a squat rack, no matter how much it costs, is much better than a bench. Do you have a gym you could use in your community instead? It might actually be cheaper that way.

I agree that a gym membership might be a better way to go … but if that’s not an option, it sounds like you’re going to have a pretty sweet setup! Good luck and keep working hard!

gym = 300-400 a year.

I just spend 400 on 100kg of weights, a bench with a removable rack, so can sqaut, leg curls goes up to 80 on that one.

Still smiling after I orderd told my mate ( also a pitcher ).
This season 's gonna be good! Not to mention next! hehe

thanks for the reply’s guys:)

you will very quickly need more than 100kg of weights but that is a good start. Keep working.