Weight with regards to velocity

My freshman year just ended. I’m going to be a sophomore next year. I’m 14 years old turning 15 in November.

Right now I’m in a good weight lifting program, full body workouts M,W,F and minor workouts the other days.

Prior to this i weighed 131 and I am 5’11’’. I was sitting 77-79 topping out at 83

Now, after gaining 9 pounds of muscle i, I’ve lost velocity, sitting at 75-77 topping out at 80.

Why has this happened?

Yes I do stretch prior and post workout, and have been not neglecting time to work on my mechanics.

what workout were you doing dude.

Can you tell me your previous squat, deadlift, bench(optional), and row lifts. What were they when you first started lifting

What are they now?

Also how do you know you gained 9lbs of muscle. Just because you put on 9lbs of bodyweight doesn’t mean muscle

how long did it take you to gain the 9lbs of muscle?

Answer those questions and you will find your answer guaranteed

How long have you been doing the program? Was your arm in the same shape as the previous time?

Squat: previous 165. Current 180

Deadlift: previous 230. Current 270

Bench: don’t bench.

I gained this in a 2 month span. I’m pretty sure I’ve been taking good condition of my arm, doing cuff workouts as well.

I’ve been doing the program for 2 months.

I’m sure its 9 pounds of muscle because 1) I don’t gain fat very easily since I have a very high metabolism, and 2) my muscles are much more defined now.

Have you been throwing? If you’ve been slacking on the long toss or other high-intensity throwing, a dip in velocity can happen.

That seems that could be the case. I’ve had no one to play catch with recently so i havn’t long tossed or thrown a bullpen in 2-3 weeks. I just got a bullpen in recently, and that’s how I know my velo has dropped.

That is very likely.

Like anything else, if you don’t keep up the movement patterns, you’re not going to be 100% on your first attempt back. If you can bench 225 but take two weeks off, trying to bench 225 on your first attempt back probably won’t go so well.

Training with weights is important. Throwing is more important.

Gotcha. Thanks for quick replies.