Weight Transfer Timing

To gain hip/torso separation when pitching, do you have to shift your weight forward onto your front foot before you land? If you shifted your weight only once your front foot lands as a result of the foot strike, wouldn’t your torso move forward at foot strike and cause your knee to move directly over your lead foot? This would result in premature shoulder rotation and inability to get adequate torso flexion.
Id appreciate any views, and if clarification is needed, I will reply to your question.

hopefully I have the semantics correct here re: weight shift & hip rotation. Definiately search the sight as well, there are some great threads that cover this topic with the “big boys” chiming in w/ some great feedback.

Hips start turning just before foot plant… check video & use the back foot rolling over to the toe on the rubber for timing. Lots of people teach “rotate at foot plant” but in truth you must start just prior to foot plant & continue the rotation into hard solid base (planted foot).

Again, search the site for previous threads, but I’ve read some great posts by Roger that discusses glove side mgmt & how that helps create separation.

Safe to say no one rotates too late… premature rotation (just after hand break) is the most common flaw. I tell my son to “hold” the hips til he’s 2/3’s down the hill… seems to time up well, but thats just our thought.


A thread was started from someone who just completed Wolforth’s camp. He showed a drill called walking torque. I think this drill is great for teaching separation.


Trunk forward flexion and shoulder rotation are not individual events. One may fire before the other or “feel” like it does, but treating them as steps in a delivery all but guarantees you’ll never get it right.

While I appreciate the responses, I am no longer having trouble with this part of my mechanics. Like KyleB said, I was definitely headed in the wrong direction a month ago, but it has really started to click for me in the past 2 weeks. Thanks!