Weight shift

ok watching the videos all the pitchers’ hips move continuously forward from the time their leg kick reaches peak height on…my question is how is this done? do you weight shift from the outside to inside of your back foot right when your leg is at peak height and if so how fast is this done?

look at the film of mariano rivera and Randy Johnson you want to move the hip before you reach max leg lift look at the videos and look how they drift in control and gain alot of momentum.

The key to good mechanics is:

Stay slightly behind belly button
Stay closed with front shoulder
be smooth but explosive
Gain momentum towards home plate
Good Hip drive right at the catcher

Ok yeah i see what your talking about but how fast or slow is the shift cause the video is in slow motion so im assuming its slight and controlled and then you explode as your front foot is landing.

you want to go as fast as you canwhile in control of your body ok?

aight man thanks