Weight lifting

As a pitcher, how much weight lifting should I do? Im currently 6’2’’, 18, 170lbs, throwing low 90’s, and would like to gain weight… but dont want to run the risk of loose velocity before I get a shot at college ball.

If I was you I would keep doing what your doing. If your throwing lower 90’s keep doing what your doing. Let the college team work with you at weight lifting.

I second that. If your 6’2" your probably a bit skinny but if you throw in the 90s at 18 I wouldn’t risk screwing anything up and defnitely wait for college. If your over-exaggerating your speed I’d say it now, low 90’s is quick.

well look at it this way, 90mph is probably the target velocity that most young pitchers aspire to reach, you are already there so it would probably be too risky to try and push yourself to get any higher, you should focus on a good change up and a good, consistent breaking ball, you velocity is the last thing you should worry about

yeah man. you don’t want to hurt yourself. I mean… look at me. I hurt myself by throwing 1 weird pitch whilst slipping and now my arm has been injured for 1year and counting.