Weight lifting vs. Body weight excercises?!?!?!

I was wondering if doing things like situps, chin ups, dips, crunches, push ups, etc are as good as lifting weights. I dont have access to a gym until august, so until then I’m doing a lot of body weight excercises.

They can be, but it depends on how you use them. Go check out

. He has a book called Never Gymless that goes into detail workouts and routines (supposed to make seasoned weighlifters cry :shock: ). If you dont want to drop the $, he has a video that highlights some of his bodyweight exercises, check it out.

It is great to have access to a weight room but if you don’t then you should be doing exercises like the ones you listed. You can also do lunges and some jumping exercises. One thing that is hard to do without weights is to work the muscles between your shoulder blades. Even a band with some handles would be nice for some exercises like that.