Weight Lifting and Recovery

I just started doing hard core lifting for the first time in my life. I am really sore–not painful, just muscular soreness. Should I keep lifting or wait till i feel like I’ve recovered all the way. Im doing a full body lifting program 3 days per week (Bench, Flys, Curls, Pwr Clean, Overhead Squat, Weighted step Ups, Toe Raises, etc)–Monday, Wed and Fri. I do some ab and core workouts and plyo stuff on tues, thurs and sat. One of my main focuses is gaining flexibility, so I’m doing close to 30 min of yoga, stretching stuff every day.

Should I be completly un sore when I lift, or will the soreness go away with time as i get stronger.

You can lift when you are sore, just make sure it is soreness and not an injury. Maybe dial back the intensity if the soreness is affecting your training (ie. having trouble completing sets). The more you train the less of a factor it will be.

P.S. Try leaving Saturday as a rest day until the soreness gets better. Just stretch and relax.

in my experiences those first days getting back to lifting (in your case first time ever) will always get you sore and that first week you just need to deal and keep lifting because after about a week it all goes away and you’re good if you keep on your program…also in my experiences i find that if you lift once, get sore, and wait a week until you’re as good as new…then that next time you go to lift you will just be sore once again…so basically just fight through it and take it down a notch like kc said if it’s bothering you and after about a week you should be as good as new