Weight in pitching

So I have heard many times people saying you should keep your weight back as much as you can… and you should only begin to weight transfer after your front foot makes contact…

but judging from pictures and videos, this is not what i see:

Should Ubaldo or Brian Wilson have any weight on their back foot or leg for that matter, they would definitely break their foot, cause they are not in a proper position to take much weight. Isnt it?
So from what i see, you should have all or almost all the weight on that front leg already.

Your thinking is correct and “what you’ve heard” is wrong. Keep the top half back but not the total body. Get the center of gravity moving before peak of knee lift and keep the top half back just long enough to allow the front hip to lead.

So (Roger) basically your saying transfer your weight from center to the front as you go through your motion?

From what i see, i think the weight starts shifting forward even before the front foot makes contact with the ground. And by the time the front foot is completely on the ground, the weight transfer is complete and the weight is all on this leg, freeing the back foot, leg and hip to turn.

These pitchers in these pictures, believe it or not, are actually pushing quite a bit off of the rubber, rather than falling off of the mound as many young pitchers do.

Yes - that weight transafer is also called “momentum”. It’s energy that transfers up through your body and out into the baseball if you sequence and time things well.

im pretty sure that phrase of “stay back” relates to as ur actually pushing off the mound your upper body should “stay back” or stay behind your hips as you explosivly push off. this is how i understand it