Weight gainer

Has anyone tried any nutrition supllementation with extra calories+protein.
I was looking at this:http://www.musclesurf.com/nlarge2.html.
I thought it would be a better breakfast substitute since I don’t eat as much as I could when I’m on the go.

Any recommendations would be well taken. I understand the calories thing but I don’t know, if i at more than I do, I’d just make myself sick. I’m looking for calorie dense supplementation.


The thing to look at with weight gainers is the sugar content. Extra calories are no good if it’s all simple sugars. In NLarge2, there’s 23 grams (or 90-or-so sugar calories), which means the powder is 1/6th sugar.

One of my best friends took NLarge2 and loved it. Said it was good taste and easy to take. Mixed well, too.

I’d go with real food first, but if you’re really skinny, then a weight gainer like NLarge2 is OK. Most of the Latin American pitchers in the Chicago Cubs organization, who were really skinny but threw really hard, took a similar product at the recommendation of our strength and conditioning coach.

This is the first year I have tried this and protein shakes really help you gain muscle and weight. I use a basic whei protein shake and I have noticed very good results, although, if you are a pitcher, you wont want to put on that much muscle weight.

I have used NLarge 2 also and I really liked it. I thought it tasted pretty good and I saw some pretty good results on it. I don’t think the price is too bad either.

Up Your Mass is the best in my opinion

a serving has
510 cals
1g sugar
44g of protein
2.5g of sat fats…11g total fat

plus if your taking a weight gainer you don’t really need to pay another 50 bucks for 10lbs of protein

just take the weight gainer and get the rest of your needs in real foods

There’s a weight gainer out there called cytogainer. I’ve heard great things about it, but have not tried it out myself. I just use optimum whey 100% protein. Here’s a link to where you can find more info on cytogainer.

Note: Cytogainer has 3 grams of creatine in it.