weight gainer

will drinking a weight gainer help me add lean muscle mass or will it make me gain body fat because i do not have a ectomorph (skinny) body type

I wouldn’t use weight gainers. If you want to gain lean muscle mass, then you need to be on a weight training program. And you need to be eating 500-800 cal above your normal daily calorie maintence level. Daily calorie maintence level is how much food you need each day to maintain your weight. So you add 500-800 cal over than number and you will start to gain muscle. Remeber though you need to lift weights.

Thats how you gain muscle. I myself added 25lbs of lean muscle in 10 months of lifting, i never once used an supplements, other than whey protein. And of that i only used 1 scoop a day.

More info would be needed to help you out with gaining weight.

Are you on a weight trainign program now. If so what program.

Weight gainers are just a convenient way to consume post workout protein AND carbs. You can do the same thing by eating both a carb and protein source immediately after working out, or eating a carb source and taking a protein supplement after working out.

The simplest, most cost effective weight gainer is Chocolate Milk.

lol. I highly doubt you put on 25 pounds of lean muscle…