Weight Gain

Wich Workout Phase is bset for gaining weight.
My son is 19 years old, weighs 150 lbs and is 5’11" and need to gain 20 to 25 lbs.


If a beginner, start him off with Rippetoe’s, great offseason workout. If he is skilled, then dod a advanced 5X5 Bill Starr workout. Look these up for more info. If he’s just starting out, he can probably gain the 20 pounds in no later than 4-5 months.

make him eat 2.5g protein x body weight per day

So your suggesting that he eats 375g of protien a day?.. Thats a little much dont you think?

.75x bodyweight is enough. The body can only absorb so much protein (and you aren’t trying to be a bodybuilder).

The quickest way to build muscle is to gain fat and burn it off. This doesnt mean you go out and get maccas, eat carbs and protein and do a weight training routine.

Gaining fat has nothing to do with building muscle. They are independent of one another.

If you are more worried about gaining weight, then you can just eat insane amounts of calories and try to workout a lot. This is what powerlifters and football linerman do, which is why they are huge but not necessarily lean.

wow that confused me

It’s called a bulk. A person eats 4000+ calories a day, 200+ grams of protein, and works out intensely. Using a method like this, a newbie trainer could gain 20 pounds easily in about 3-4 months, which is alot. Then, he cuts back down via cardio, and hopefully under that 6 or 8 pounds of fat he put on, there is a good 10-12 pounds of muscle gained.

It is alot easier if you are looking to gain raw muscle to do a bulk, rather than trying to add muscle while maintaing a low BF%. That is precicely what I am doing however, lol, because I couldn’t bear being fat.