Wearing infield mask during pitching


My son pitches and this is hisomething second year in live arm. He caught a line drive off the bat to the left eye and ended up having to have surgery because it broke the socket. He still wants to play after the 4 week recovery period and wants to pitch. I bought him an infielders mask and was wondering if anyone knew of a rule against him doing so?




We had a kid take a line drive off the side of the head last year and considered them too… I think they are more effective in softball where the pitchers faces the batter on follow through, but certainly would help some in baseball especially where this injury was… I ended up getting my son inserts from SST that go inside the hat and protect the front and side of the head that’s most exposed on follow through. You can’t tell he is wearing them, he can’t tell he is wearing them, and it provides some protection at least for batted balls when they would hit the player where the hat is covering the head.