Wasting my time?

on my upper body workout days i do some benching with dumbells on a swiss ball, other shoulder work with dumbells and then mainly using machines for triceps and back. im trying to increase velocity, will this do it?

It may or may not. Different arms react to different lifting. Some decrease in velo from it, some increase.

stop any benching immediately! i don’t know if you notice after doing it but it makes you tight in the area where your shoulder and chest meet. no bueno! this reduces the amount of external rotation you and achieve and thus kills velocity. there may be some people on here that disagree with me on here but all i’m going to say is that i’ve never seen someone start benching more and their velocity go up! i supplement different variations of the pushup in my workouts. some may say that a push up and bench are the same but i disagree. when in the down position of a pushup it actually stretches the shoulder/chest area i described as well as pinches and strengthens the scapula area which is crucial to the pitching motion. my upper body workouts consist of pushups, a lot of back exercises, triceps, a bunch of core work, and band workouts for my shoulders. hope this helps.

The only way for benching not to be detrimental is if you make sure you stretch thoroughly every day. However, 95% of people end up blowing this off at one point or another so it’s better for you just to drop benching for good. I do pushups instead.

I don’t see how benching is different than any other upper body excercise for pitchers. As long as you keep the weight reasonable you should have no problem at all. Bench works your chest, shoulders and tri’s, all muscles that go through considerable abuse during pitching.

it really depends on a few things such as your age, muscle in your arms to begin with, and many other things. if you are like a stick in your arms, go for it, you CAN be stronger and still pitch fast (speed is not everything). if you are already pretty strong (i consider that to be able to bench around 20 more lb than your bodyweight) i wouldnt lift that much but i still would cuz if you dont then your muscle will go down.

ya i usedto get sore when i did real benching but lately i bench on a stablility ball with not alot of weight around 50 pounds dumbbells in each hand. i am getting stronger with this but dont know if it will translate to pitching success.

Oh. Ok. My bad.

you cant be serious…so the dumbell bench press is bad? do me a favor and do some research. actually ive got a better idea. everybody go to this website and learn something. www.t-nation.com stop asking how to build more velocity. that goes for everybody! there is no magic bullet. you will either get more as you get older or possibly you can work out PROPERLY (and by properly i mean things like olympic lift, rotater cuff, squatting and many other exercises, some that promote explosiveness) you may see somewhat of an increase in velocity.

by the way what does a push-up do? it seems like benching except its lighter on your body if your just using body weight. dont be ignorant[/b][/url]

I’m positive most pitching staffs still include dumbbell bench in their workouts.

Its not necessary to stop doing bench exercises.

As long as you are careful, benching is good.