Was this wrong to teach my son

I taught my son to throw to the glove- was that wrong? Because he thinks that was a reason he was giving up so many hits- He said he was doing better when he just put it in there and let it flow off to the outside and in… but the catcher was not working with him on that and would miss them on purpose when there was a runner on base. _ Giving up bases by missing his pitches. It seems to bother him alot that he feels like he’s being slighted by his team mates -in that they didn’t back him up at the plate, with some adversity between him and this cather. THat his team mates messed up making the easiest of outs- fly balls and line drives that should have been caught. It’s like he thinks that they blew this up for him on purpose.
NO- He didn’t have any strike outs. But he did bring in a 2-3 and 3 and 2 counts well enough- It was all against more experienced big hitters. Is it possible that they did make all these mistakes on purpose? As he suspects? Is there another side of baseball that we don’t know about - where a coach and a team would throw the game. Becasue as we were leaving Thrusday nights game - from the parking lot I saw the coach and most the infield players with and a few parents together having a talk about something…
MY son does have the talent and potiential and I and my son recognize that the other pitchers were intimidated by him. BUt we’re all on the same team aren’t we? Is little league and major league that competetive and corrupted? Secondly I had to hold my son down in the minors last year, and this is his only and last year in the majors - So I don’t think he’s going to be even eligable to even play babe ruth without having two years in the majors - is tht right?

I tried to give you the benefit of the doubt when you first posted here, but it’s getting more and more difficult.

You have tried to place blame on almost every possible outlet: your son’s coach, the assistant coaches, his catcher, and now every single one of his teammates. You need to think about what you are teaching your son. You cant always blame others for what goes wrong. Is his coach a jerk? Maybe. Did the catcher work in sync with your son? Maybe not. Did the team conspire to throw the game in order to spite your son (and him alone)? I seriously doubt that. You need to show him that life isnt always fair. That there are good outings and there are really rotten ones like he just had. Even major leaguers can get chased from a game in the first inning, but you never see them in the press conference blaming everyone else, do you?

I am assuming that your league has the minor division for 9-10yo, majors for 11-12 and then the 13-14 league? If that is the case, then it doesnt matter how many years you spend in “majors” so long as there is a team in the higher league that wants him. If you and your son are still having problems with the coaches in that league, you may want to move to a different league in your area (like PONY). That way he can get a fresh start without having any biased coaches or expectations.

And dont let him forget that this is a game, and games are supposed to be fun.

Sorry I don’t mean it if I’m coming across with blame for others… for me, it was intended to be more just questions- questions of things I need to know. And as suggested, I’ve tried to become more invoved in helping out with the team as a whole at practices. I’m learning through my sons just what it is for them to be a young men, -while trying to participate and support them as parent. Living and learning, like everyone else when things go wrong.
He knows things in life don’t always go the way he wants, and tht he has to keep working at it to get better. More than anyone- he blames himself, and is using that ruff experience to work as his inspiration he needed to work harder. - So this is just one of those things in life that he’s using to make him stronger.
Again I apologize for my comments and questions that bordered on blaming others- I just listened to what my son was saying, and wondered if their might be any merit to it. So I asked…
He’s made his decison to work on his pitching on his own outside the team pratices and games- Working witha pitching caoch that plays for the local community college. As far as his place on the team - team being key to haivng a better season he’s reason himself and seems to be satisfied to settle for playing third base. Where they need him and to work on his batting.

It appears you intend well, but as the previous poster suggested your views are really going to affect your son negatively.

You need to start focusing on the postives, nothing but them. It is ludicrous to suggest anyone including any of his teammates would make an error, make themselves look bad, to spite your son.


That doesn’t happen. At your son’s age kids make mistakes, and they make plenty of them in the field. You have to understand that and talk to him about being positive and staying that way.

There are no exceptions to this at all.


No, this is the right think to teach pitchers. However, you can run into problems if the catcher then doesn’t give a low target.


You and he are literally being paranoid.