Warmups & stretches

Can I get some good ways to warmup & stretch for a pitcher.please & thank you

The next time you watch a Yankees game, and it’s getting to the late innings, WATCH MARIANO RIVERA. He will start off with some good stretches for flexibility. Then he takes a couple of minutes to get himself into a mind set he calls “the eye of the tiger”—a quiet but very intense focus. Then he starts to warm up. Now here’s something he does not do, because he throws only one pitch, but you can do this—as you warm up, throw all your pitches to check them out, see how they’re working—and if you find that one of them is misbehaving, put it aside and go with your other stuff. 8)

Search these forums for “dynamic warmup” in posts by me. I’ve posted a warmup routine before.

Check out Self-Myofascial Release using a foam roller. Google “Eric Cressey Feel Better for 10 Bucks.” You’ll be glad you did.