Ok you guys wanted to see a video of me throwing hard. Now in upstate NY right now its 40 degrees. I can play outside but How do I warm up? Should I start it out with a Mile jog then throw or what? I also may be able to go up to my dad’s huge barn where I can bring the Mound and pitch on the wooden second floor which would be warmer. It might need some sweeping and might not happen today. I’d like to pitch today b/c theres a chance monday I will pitch and I want at least a days rest. ( I doubt we’ll have a game Mon. b/c we’re supposed to get a snow storm.)

Say I have all day outside in 40 degree weather. Theres no reason for me to be not fully warmed up. What should I do to warm up properly b/c I have the time so I may as well get a good warmup in.

Ultimately you want to get the blood flowing and to raise the core temperature.

Jogging is a good way to start getting the blood flowing. You should follow that with various drills/exercises that involve movement of the arms. You really want to get the shoulders, elbows and wrists warmed up well. I have my pitchers do a bunch of arm circles (forward, backward, small circles, large circles, 3 hand positions), front and side saws, palm and fingertip presses (with movement side-to-side, swimming forward, swimming backward, etc.), forearm presses, behind-the-back palm presses, etc.

Avoid just doing static stretches as they don’t do much to warm you up.