Warmup routine


Before a game/practice which routine would you use.

Dynamic Warmup/Tubing/Throw or Tubing/Dynamic Warmup/Throw


I’m a big proponent of beginning with a more general full body dynamic warm-up and then a more specific warm-up for the shoulders.

Beginning with a dynamic warm-up will increase blood flow throughout the body, raise the body’s core temperature, and help maintain elasticity in the muscles. A series of shoulder exercises with resistance bands should follow this full body dynamic warm-up. The movements you perform with resistance bands will activate key musculature surrounding the shoulder and prepare it for the upcoming task of throwing.


Absolutely a dynamic warm up.
Dynamic warm ups “wake the body up”. I’m sure some would disagree but I like to do long toss before starting. It gives the body a really good stretch, and helps give the feel of throwing with intent during the pull down phase.


You have to warm up the whole body since pitching and throwing in general is a full body dynamic activity, but I’m going to speak more about the arm warm up.

What I have tried and liked for my arm warm up(which should happen after you arm up your body in general) is to do the following general warm up

-Band work
-Arm circles
-Med ball throws
-Long toss

And then I’m good to go.

My logic behind this order is to go from a more static limited movement to a more complex and dynamic movement.