Warmup music?

What songs are the best to help get you pumped up before you’re about to pitch in your opinion?

Wild Thang 8) :?

“Never Gonna Get It” By Akon

We will rock you lol so intimidating :evil:

ACDC-Hells Bells
Marilyn Manson-The Fight Song
Linkin Park-Crawling
Saliva-Ladies and Gentlemen
Saliva-Family Reunion
Three Days Grace-Animal I Have Become
Red-Death of Me

undead by hollywood undead. it’s got some language but there is a clean version. if that song doesn’t get you pumped then nothing will

depending on your preference on music, will depend on what songs to recommend.

eminem is generally a good choice especially songs like till i collapse

paradise city by guns n roses

down with the sickness by disturbed

or heart of a champion by nelly.

Eminem is the BEST for getting pumped up IMO.

it’s my time - fabolous feat. jeremih
amazing - kanye west feat. young jeezy
till i collapse - eminem feat. nate dogg
ready for whatever - t.i
big things poppin - t.i

Back when I played men’s league hoops, on the way to the gym I used to tune in my car radio to some weak AM station and listen to this Southern Baptist, “fire and brimstone”, “halleluyah”, “praaaaaiiiiiiise the lord”, “take me to the promised land” preacher. I wasn’t raised a real religious person but for some reason this guy’s preaching really fired me up. “Can I get an amen?”

Oh, and, anything funky would work, too. :bighair:

come on guys… Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight

Alright guys…keep an open mind here…remember I’m freakin older that dirt…

this one sets the tone, creates suspense and puts the pitcher in an aggressive , if not somewhat psychotic mood…

Ted Nugent’s

Just Saying :twisted:

Closer by NIN. Got a lot of language, still awesome.

Trent Reznor is from Western PA, so I’m a bit partial. :slight_smile:

4 My Town - Birdman
Money to Blow - Drake
Forever - Drake
I’m Me - Lil Wayne
Feels like I’m Back - Fabolous
Feelin it - Jay-z
Renegade - Jay-z
You aint got nothin- lil wayne
The world Is Yours - Nas
Juicy - Notorious B.I.G
Notorious Thugs - Notorious B.I.G
Skys the Limit - Notorious B.I.G
You’re Nobody till Somebody Kills you - Notorious B.I.G
Bang Bang - Lil Wayne
Straight Outta Compton - NWA
Goodbye - Wiz Khalifa

Thats my current pregame/workout playlist.

No giving up - Crossfire
Give it all - Rise Against

Hip Hop/Rap
Last of a dying breed - ludacris (language)
Fresh Azimiz - bow wow
All the way turnt up - roscoe dash
Careful What You Wish For - eminem (start it at 1 min though)
Go to sleep - eminem (language)
Ice Cream Paint Job - dorrough
Im a Dboy - lil wayne (language)
Hoody Hoo - Tru
Stay Fly - Three 6 Mafia

Du Hast - Rammstein (in German)
Angel - Rammstein
Stupify - Disturbed
Frantic - Meticalla
A Place For My Head - Linkin Park
Chop Suey - System of a Down
Heretic Song - Slipknot
Between Angels and Insects - Papa Roach

There’s more for both lists but these are just some

Idk about you guys but the intro to Hells Bells always got me pumped

I like the refrain to it, when they just say “Hells Bells”.

Anything by the Happy Mondays.

drop the world
lil wayne ft. eminem

gets you pumped like you would not believe :stuck_out_tongue: