Warmup Music

So what kind of music do you listen to before pitching to get you going? I enjoy literally every kind of music but before a game I can only listen to rap, just gets me into it and ready to go. Did I mention I pitch best when i’m angry, and most of the rap I listen to is angry music :slight_smile:

btw I know this doesn’t really have to do with mechanics for pitching, but I didn’t think it fit any better into off-topic seeing as it is still about getting ready for pitching, but mods feel free to move it if you feel the need

anything kanye west produced…

before a game i ALWAYS listen to lose yourself…by eminem…its a story about him…and you guys should really listen to the song once its great it gets me pumped up for the game and its just great for before a game…give it one listen :smiley: :smiley: 8) 8) :lol: oh oh oh and it doesnt have that much cussing just like two bad words