Warm Up?

I just wanted to see how all of you warm up? Is there anything special you do to get that blood pumping? In recent research that I’ve done, i’ve noticed that people sustain better results by doing a more complete warm up, then just say, arm circles only routine. So how do you warm up? Steve or Mike, do you have any suggestions, or tips?

well i’m a SS more often then a pitcher

but i typically jog a lap around then field or either jog from pole to pole

then i stretch out my arm, my back, and my legs

then i toss a little bit

and ill finish with a quick set of sprints to completely loosen my legs up

I performed a Rope Flex Circuit, an isotonic flexibility circuit, where specific movements are (held using a rope) for 1-2 seconds, then released to the starting position to prevent the stretch reflex from contracting the target muscle. It’ll be 1 of 4 stretching sequences available in my TuffCuff Program.

A good warm-up doesn’t have to take a really long time but it is crucial to performance and injury prevention. The beginning should contain pretty general activites to increase body temperature. The type of activities will change to more baseball specific activities as the body temperature increases.

The main problem I see about warm-up routines is that coaches confuse static stretching with warming up. A good warm-up routine should increase body temperature while taking joints through their entire range of motion. Some examples of good warm-up exercises are walking lunges, side lunges, high knees, butt kicks, carioca, arm circles.

Flexibility will increase more by increasing body temperature than it does by static stretching cold muscles. Also, stretching cold muscles can lead to injuries.

we do agilities/plyos and then a set stretch routine.


What do you do to warm-up for your plyos and agilities?

we either do a light jog or jump rope or a combination. plus during winter workouts our kids usually showup early and play basketball until time to start. any suggestions?

I like doing some exercises like lunges, high knees, butt kicks, single leg RDL’s, scorpions, and carioca. There are several more but these are just some exercises I like for warm-ups. The main reason I asked is that I thought you were saying you did plyos and agility as your warm-up and those should be very intense movements. I was just surprised.

we do these as part of our agilities before we stretch. we do high knees, butt kicks, backward run, lunges,slides nad carioca. we call these agilities. these are done before stretching. plyos are done after agilities and stretching. our plyos include power skips, supermans, kickouts, etc. we also do a jumping series as part of our lower plyos. we do agilities and stretch everyday. we do plyos 2 x week during the winter.

That certainly makes more sense than what I originally thought. I figured there was something I wasn’t understanding about the post.