Warm-up techniques

i am 15 and need some info on proper ways to warm up before i pitch, usually i’ll stretch a little before doin some short sprint exercises such as high knees then i will really try to loosen up my lower half. after this would i just go ahead and start throwing off a mound to finish my warmup… or am i doin this all wrong?

i always like to lossen up by longtossing before i go to the mound and actually start to pitch. i dont long toss excessivly or anything just go out to the outfield with my catcher really loosen up and just toss back and forth at about 120Ft. for a couple of minutes then go to the mound and start pitching. its always a good idea to lossen your shoulder muscels up before you start to pitch

Granted this person is in better shape than just about any pitcher will ever be but still I read in USA Today about 2 months ago that by his 5th warmup pitch in the pen Roger Clemens is able to throw game ready sliders. What does this mean, well, this means Roger doesnt use his warmups on the mound as just warmups. He gets loose before he hits the mound.

Im sure everyone has their own unique way or warming up but one thing i see players do and it seems to work is this.

Run a pole or a few to get your blood flowing then get into a good strech of everything from your back to your shoulders to your hamstrings and everything in between, then use the therabands to get your entire arm loose with reps of anywhere from 5-8 to get the blood going in and around you arm.
After that you can start throwing until you get out to at least 120 feet depending on your age to really stretch the arm out then bring it back in until you start feeling your arm being close to game ready then from there get off the mound.

If your starting the game one thing to possibly try is to do 5’s. Where you throw 5 opposite arm side, then arm side, then down the middle. You can do this from the stretch and the windup if needed. Next you can work on your offspeed then once you feel good have the catcher call as many as you feel you need. 5-15. After this i would say your ready to go. Hope this helps.

thanks yea it does