Warm up in same direction as game mound

We don’t have a bullpen mound for my varsity pitchers to warm up, which is unfortunate. So we usually go off to the side and throw off a portable mound. I encourage those of you in the same situation to try to warm up throwing in the same direction as the game mound. This will give you an idea about wind and how it affects your pitches, especially your breaking stuffs and change ups. This isn’t always possible, I know. But if it is, do try to take advantage of it.

Steve, maybe you remember the times way back when the starting pitchers would warm up on the mound? Oh, do I wish they would go back to that practice. When I went to games at Yankee Stadium, I used to love to watch the likes of Vic Raschi, Ed Lopat, and before that Spud Chandler, as they would take their warmups on the mound before they would start the game. Now we don’t even see them—they warm up in the bullpen, if not altogether out of sight in the tunnel, and they don’t get a chance to really get the feel of the mound they’re going to be pitching on. So much has been lost… :frowning: