Warm-up and Cool-down

What should be down for warm-up and cooldown of younger players. Say 9-12 years old? Someone mentioned before of how if you are over-used your pitching arm will not be able to go up your spin towards your head behind your back as far as you non throwing. Well I think I was overused at one time because my right arm is way lower than my left. But how can I prevent this or prevent any damage on the arm. How should a younger kid be warminng up and what to do after throwing?

I don’t think what you’re describing is necessarily an indicator of overuse. Rather, I think many pitchers who have pitched for any length of time - whether they were overused or not - will exhibit what you describe.

Check out “SICK” and “GIRD” on this website
. They may not be exactly what you’re describing but they might be close.

Well what would you suggest for a warm-up of a younger pitcher?

A good dynamic warm-up that also incorporates some strength and flexibility work.