Wanting to play college ball

Hey my names tom and i play varsity baseball as a senior this upcoming year. I just had an average junior year i started hit 5th in the lineup all year. I only hit 275. In the summer i stepped it up a lot and i have been working out all summer long and fall. I was wondering if anyone can help me get exposure out to college scouts immediatley. Or just give me tips on contacting college coaches and what to say.?.? Thanks a lot everyone.

Dear RRaider:

Sounds like you have some goals in mind for the future. The first step I would take towards planning for college baseball is making a list of places you would like to play. After you got a list, I would try and attend their winter baseball camp. During the camps, you will get a good indication if you can play at these schools. While at the camp, take a college visit and talk with the coach about your options. Also, talk to the school’s players while you are there. Do they like the program? The most important part of your decision is the comfort level you have with the process and the college coach. If you are a dedicated, hard working player, there are colleges that will be interested in you, especially if you are a good student. Your talent level will depend on if those schools are DIII, DII, or DI. Be realistic in your search and have fun going to the schools and looking for a place to play. Check with your coach on winter camps, they usually get mailings on camps in the area. Also, communicate with your coach about your college plans and get his input/advice.


Coach Kreber

You will increase your chances of being seen by college scouts if you play on a showcase team

Dear Raider:

Playing on a “Showcase” team is great way to improve your exposure to college and professional scouts. When I was hired as an Associate Scout the first question I asked our Area Scout was how important Perfect Game was to players getting drafted or scholarships? He indicated that MOST Perfect Game Events are heavily scouted by the professional clubs and their opinions about players are respected throughout baseball. One draw back is the events are usually expensive and you have to travel great distance to get there. But if you have the tools, then the event will help get you get your name out.

Another way for exposure is simply going to the MLB Scouting Camps in the summer. They are free and all MLB clubs are represented at the tryout. There is individual club tryouts as well.

Good Luck.

Where do you go to get on a showcase team or what are they?

Here is what I did. Not sayig it is the only way but maybe it can give you some ideas.

  1. I sent out my schedule, contact info, stats, and coaches contact information to selected schools. I also included a SIGNED letter expressing my interest in learning about their program.

  2. I asked my coaches to call a few schools that I was especially interested in as a reference. I did this the winter before my senior year started, which may be a touch late not that I look back on it.

  3. Before season started I called the recruiting coordinator or assistant coach and introduced myself to them and told them my situation of looking to play college ball. I informed them of other schools that I was interested in as well as my GPA. I then informed them of my next game and offered to send them my transcipts, ect. and asked what action they would like me to take…as far as applying to school, financial aid, ect.

  4. About 2 weeks after season started I would send another letter, or in some cases call a coach and update them on my season and plans for college. This is the time I would set up my final visits, let them know about my final grades, my financial aid report, ect.

PM me if you have any questions, I was a guy who had to market myself alot so I do know my way around a bit. I will be glad to help you out, I know how stressful it can be.


where did you end up going?

Indian Hills Community College (Iowa)
We got up to #7 in the nation for D-1 JUCO in Region 11

Winthrop University (South Carolina)
Big South Conference