WANTED: Baseball Coach

The following is a list of considerations that you might want to take note of if you’re interested in a career for coaching amateur baseball.

[size=18]General Qualifications:[/size]

Must develop, support, involve, and promote a quality winning program recognized by peers, the community, and the media. All the while with limited resources, in competition with other programs drawing a higher public profile.

Educational Back Round
When necessary to included advance degree or graduate work. A continuation of educational certification(s) when called for. Publication work strongly desirable. A strong following and subscription to all applicable professional and trade publications. Membership in all applicable professional and trade associations and currently in good standing will all.

Interfacing with the Following Personnel, Agencies and/or Authorities:
-Purchasing and vendor management, accounts payable, financial planning and budgeting.
-Facilities maintenance, grounds keeping, hazardous materials handling and applicable law compliance.
-Interpretation and compliance with medical staff directives for health and sanitary related issues.
-Program and staff certifications with timely updates and filings with governing athletic agencies. -When necessary, interaction with law enforcement, juvenile parole authorities, municipal, state and federal agencies, code enforcement.
-Local interaction with civic and nonprofit agencies, volunteer programs.
-Heavy public relations involvement and promotion.

Personal Qualifications:
-Must be willing to start at any position, with and without compensation. Must be willing to complete all tasks sometimes involving using personal resources without compensation.
-Must be highly ethical, committed to the organization, sport specific, player recruitment and development, and representing the organization by being highly visible in the community.
-Must have personality to work very well with a wide range of people. Must be mature with strong leadership and loyalty qualities. Must be a multi tasker, a wide vision on the horizon and anticipate many challenges simultaneously.
-Must be willing to open personal life to just about any program demand, to include by not limited to personal family, home, auto, personal finances, and generally available around the clock.
-Must be highly prioritized for balancing fund raising on a continuous basis, travel plans, equipment demands, sponsor and vendor control, staff turnover, volunteer interaction and qualifications, booster club cultivation and monitoring.
-Must cultivate a lower level following from other programs and coaches to provide a recruiting ground with minimal time and expense.
-Must cultivate a higher level of coaches and programs that brings distinction and recognition to program and organization.

Other Qualifications:
-May be required to obtain a commercial driver’s license with passenger endorsement.
-Will be allowed to conduct summer camps and clinics to supplement wages. The organization does charge a small users fee.
-Relocation for advancement is highly likely, and may be periodically predictable.
-Loss of employment must be anticipated due to program cancellation, staff coaching changes made by head coach, or other reasons - with and without justification…
-For professional and personal advancement, sport specific coaching may involve residency in location that supports sport year round.

Salary range, on average, for full time is from $ 8,500 on up, depending on qualifications.
Part time compensation is negotiable.

Coach B.