Want to be a "switch-thrower"-Mr. Ellis, what's yo

I’m a 17 year old left handed 1st baseman and pitcher and I’m looking to learn to throw right handed as an addition, not replacement. Lefties are valuable only when they can throw hard (pitcher), relatively tall/big (1st base), or can hit. I’m none of those, I’m 5’9", I don’t have a very good arm, and my hitting is kinda average. My only superior skill in baseball has always been 1st base, anything thrown at me, I can stop it. I’ve been told by several college coaches and scouts that if only I had some power and height, I could make it in college easily. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. SO, I want to gain some more versatility, being left handed limits what positions I can play effectively. If I can learn to throw right-handed, just enough to be able to throw across the diamond accurately, I could be a utility player. Is it possible to learn a different throwing arm? If so, where do I start? How do I train? Mr. Ellis, I would like answer from you, but any opinion from anyone will help. Thank you

Perhaps someone else will be able to help you here. I’m not sure how to teach someone to become a “switch thrower.” That’s like trying to teach me to write with my left hand. Ain’t going to happen :slight_smile:

I guess in theory it’s a good idea but unless you’re really ambidextrous I would just throw with my natural throwing arm. You will grow that will come with time and just workout and work on good throwing mechanics to help your throwing arm and power.

just work hard on your hitting instead of trying to become a circus thing

I Played with Pat Venditte in High School and his father “trained” all 3 of his children to be ambidextrous. I heard he started when they were really young and never stopped making them do things with both of their hands. Worked pretty well for Pat. Not something you can learn in a short amount of time.