Wanna thank you guys

Hey guys! Just posting to say thank you to all the members of this forum for posting helpful information that has lead to me becoming a better pitcher.

It has been a blessing.

Also i wanted to add on my improvements thus far tonight (11/19/09). Everyday i practice my pitching mechanics, improving what i can in the mirror of my dresser in my room. Well, today i had the bright idea of throwing a stress ball, you know those really light squishy ones that seem not to do any harm, at my mirror. So, just incase i put a pillow infront of the mirror so that the ball would have no chance of breaking it. Well, theres bad news and good news. Bad news, i missed the pillow. Good news, i didn’t break the actual glass in the mirror from the ball hitting it, but the shear speed caused the rails and screws holding the mirror on the back of the dresser to completely dismount and come apart instantly. :shock:

I know I shouldn’t be happy, but the fact that it shows improvement, makes me tickled pink. :bodybuilder:

Once again, thank you for all you’re help. I really appreciate it.

I’d be glad to fix many more broken mirrors/dressers as long as i can practice and further improvement. Lol.

-Billy :baseballpitcher:

Terrific news :slight_smile: Keep working hard!

There’s an old method of seeing yourself pitch and actually releasing something similar to a ball - towards a mirror.

You take two gym socks, double them up, roll them back … starting with the toe of the socks and end up in a roll at the opening of the sock. Then take the opening and fold it back, enveloping the entire socks into a ball. (This is a common “sock roll” for anyone who has been in the military)

In any event, stand at least twenty feet from your mirror and go through your style in slow motion and watch yourself from beginning to end … including release. The socks will bounce off the mirror harmlessly.

However, the key to all this is …RELEASE SLOWLY…. Don’t go rocketing a sock towards any mirror because there will be a high probability that you’ll break the mirror.

Coach B.

Ha, this is good stuff, keep workin’ hard man!

Any baseball man has broken a window/mirror before… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

That’s true, but i wanted to overachieve and break the furniture. Breaking a mirror is bad luck. :wink: