Wanna clear something up

I just want to clear something up that’s been bothering me.

When your front foot has planted on the ground, should your throwing arm be bent at the 90 degrees like this |_ (righty acc. towards right side of your screen)

Also at this point your hips/lower body should be open towards home and your trunk should still be closed right?(facing 3rd base side for righty)

You are correct with that if I understand correctly.

I believe that if I understand what your saying that if you want the answer your going to have to open pandoras box. I do believe this is where Chirs O’leary and DM have some disagreement with eachother but I’m not positive.

pandoras box??

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pandora -if you really want to know.

I mean it will casue a huge argument.

This is debatable. Once the foot plants, the hips still have to rotate before the shoulders rotate so, to me, that leaves time for the arm to get into position to enter external rotation.

Right at foot plant, the hips should only be opened enough to allow the front leg and foot to open up. The remainder of hip rotation occurs after the front leg firms up and braces.