Wann-a be a coach?

If you’ve got the drive and the desire to be in the coaching ranks, perhaps you’d better brush up on a few other skills that might come in handy. Just a thought.

A friend of mine read a posting that I made on another topic, and suggested that I might want to list my other jobs while coaching. Now this is not at the Major’s level or at their farm clubs - so here it goes:

  • equipment manager
  • ticket taker and ticket counter
  • cashier and night bank deposit runner
  • accounts payable clerk
  • payroll clerk
  • purchasing agent
  • advance travel and accommodations planner
  • light bulb changer, plumber, laundry
  • bug and rodent exterminator
  • bouncer
  • semi security guard
  • keeper of the keys, combination locks, automatic garage door openers
  • hash slinger, grill, dishwasher
  • cotton candy operator ( nearly got my arm ripped off on that one)
  • announcer and scoreboard operator ( those number are heavy!!)
  • janitor
  • bus driver/truck driver (CDL)
  • detective (self appointed)
  • GED tutor
  • character witness - bail bonds rep
  • mother-confessor, good listener
  • father figure, just someone to talk to.

And somehow, I managed to get in a pitching coach/bullpen coach.

Coach B.

And they talk about utility men, jack-of-all trades.

Or moms.

Absolutely…or Moms (maybe even more so!). By the way, where’s Coach? Haven’t heard from him in a while.