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Great article thanks for sharing

Definitely interesting to read. I wish I could hit triple digits! :!:

Wales, I just read the article, and I noticed one thing—how pitchers in the Dominican Republic and Venezuela have latched on to “The Secret”. I have always thought that this was the key to throwing harder and faster with less effort, and now here’s confirmation! Now if only more pitchers would latch on to it… 8) :slight_smile:

I wonder if another thing that’s helping with velocity is the way off-season workout programs have developed. The way I understood it is that back in the older years of the game, players pretty much didn’t do much working out until just a little time before spring training. Now we have players who start working out for the next season only a short time after the season ends.

Also, I feel it would be remiss of me to overlook the way nutrition has shaped the way players recover and bounce back from long workouts. With supplements like creatine and such, that has to be a factor.

And let’s not forget my secret: Bovine Growth Hormone. I have a good hookup that works out of an animal hospital who gets me the good stuff. So far, it’s worked WONDERS! And there’s been no noticeable side effects other than the urge to regurgitate and the re-eat my meals…

EDIT: I was looking at my chest in the mirror, and I think… I’m… growing udders. This isn’t supposed to happen, right?

Does this mean your new login name will become HuddyHuddyMoobs?

Moobs… :shock:

So the secret…my invite to the wonderful Ms. Carno for me and mine to pay for a seat at Tampas last pre-season affair with the dreaded Detroit El Tigre’s would have been instructive and fun learning for all (We will get Zita to a game…it’s just a matter of time 8) :lol: 8) )…I decided to channel Laflippin and just get some mech vid…first we have Stevens buddy Mr. Kyle (I got offa the juice and Puca-shells) Farnsworth (A much less muscle-bound Kyle)…who is now “not-so-98 mph 4 seam” and all about imitation of Mariano I think he delivered 14 or 15 pitches of which he stayed at 92 and threw cutters…notice, Kyle has what many (Including me) would call a classic leg generated and supported delivery

I did this one first for the “throw the crap out of it…gotta have game intensity” types…watch how he works to a refined mech first…then gets powered up on this one…(Where ironically at the end you hear and see the result of Bryan Pena jacking one out to right)

This was Joel Peralta…I shot this because he is a great example of not using legs…but getting huge top-half mechs to produce big moving junk
a la Marshallites…notice how he is all chest

Saved these 2 for last…this showing “the secret” need not apply…this whole section of The Trop…just went silent and listened to the pop…my son and I bet on what he’d hit speed wise…Andy went with 96 (Every pitch of the inning except)…I went with 98 and he hit it with his last pitch (A weak ground out to end the game in a tie). :wink:
It was startling to me to watch him warm-up…I’ve never seen a ball thrown as hard with nothing but abs, lats and gluts makin it happen…as he was getting down to the last couple a women in the crowd screamed that she loved him :lol: :lol: :lol: "I love you Fernandoooooo…you should have seen it crack up the p coach

And oh by the way…there really isn’t a bad seat in that house…The Trop is a very fan friendly park…

I guess the over-riding thought I had while putting this together was that, there are indeed many ways to raise up a pitcher successfully…

Huddy…I gotta say…your hormone comments were in fact hilarious…but I want everyone on this forum to know…roids are unbelievably huge and mis-used just outside of the public at larges vision…go outside of D-1 and it’s very scarey how prevalent and pervasive it is…on my son’s college team, he and a red shirt were THE ONLY 2 not juicing…the desperation to get in the game is crazy and it will take a decade for the consequences to really manifest…it isn’t spoken on…it needs to be.

Great clips JD!

Well said about the juice as well, it really is scary what is and has happened out there in regards to it at the collegiate level.

Love the clips, JD. And how Rodney is able to get the velocity he does throwing it like that impresses the hell out of me. I’d think you need a good bit of muscle to do that.

And with all seriousness inre: Steroids; After my arm injury and surgeries in high school (I suffered a proximal humerus fracture at 17 and needed surgery to remove the half of the ball joint that broke off and do a shoulder replacement. Second surgery came when the replacement shoulder came off in rehab…), I’d given serious thought to juicing up in college if only to regain the strength that two years spent pretty much in a sling or physical therapy. And as it turned out, I took a kickboxing class with the main roid guy in my CC. He had no trouble telling anyone who’d listen that yes, he took a ton of steroids and yes, he could hook anyone who wanted up.

I decided not to go that route a couple of weeks after becoming acquainted with the guy for three reasons: First, it was expensive as hell. Second, I’d read about all the trouble men have with libido as they overuse the stuff. At this point in my life I’d just come into my looks and young ladies had begun to notice. I certainly didn’t want to disappoint!

But the most important reason is that I’m not sure if it was the juice that did it, but in my potential dealer’s case, dude was bat**** crazy! Later in that term, he was banned from the kickboxing class after just obliterating a 5’2" girl in a light contact sparring session (He was around 6’5" and outweighed her by 150 easy). When a student-teacher told him to get out of the gym, he left only to return with a freakin’ sword that the head instructor himself stepped in to confiscate forcefully.

I dunno… I think I’m happy with the way I’m developing without needing extra chemical help, thank you very much.