Walking On

Hello everybody, I have spent this last summer pitching in Europe and I am about to go back home in a couple days. I would love to walk on to my local community college. How does one usually go about walking on to the team and what should I expect? Will I probably just throw a quick bullpen for them or will I attend practices?

Also anybody that has done this before if you could share your stories of what happened that would be great.

Thank you

You should probably inform the coach and inform him that your walking on.

Remember, if you are really good enough, you will make the team.

Remember, if you are really good enough, you will make the team.[/quote]

By the same token, if you don’t make the team, it doesn’t mean you aren’t good enough. There’s quite a bit of politics in college ball

There are politics involved in making a college team?What are you referring to? Is it the same in high school

Just be a hard worker. With Junior colleges the coach will let players go that he thinks don’t have a chance. The remaining will most likely stay for fall ball (usually around 40) and their performance on the field will determine if they make the spring team (24 or 25 man roster). Remember: a coach will usually take a hard-working mediocre player over a lazy allstar, but is not always the case. Sometimes you just have to do what it takes to win.