Walking on.

I really want to try to walk on to my schools division 3 baseball team this year. Ill be a freshman this fall and baseball has always been a passion for me. I am a pitcher and an outfielder and id like to say im pretty decent at both of them. The problem is i am not in the lineup everyday. And when i do get in the lineup especially when pitching i feel like i can longer but for some reason they have let me only go 3 innings a peice in my two starts. I feel like if i could have played more this year i could of made a contribution to the team for then some of the other kids that played over me. And it was not that when i did play i did bad, i honestly could come up with a bunch of reasons that people have told me i have not played as much as a should, but i dont want to be a person that makes excuses. My goals now are with playoffs coming along is to cheer my boys on and if i get a chance to play then to give it my all. Then this summer do my best to dominate summer ball which i should get more burn in.

What im saying is i dont really have much stats to show college coaches (2 starts 6 IP 3.50 ERA and 9 k’s and a 2-0 record) and i batting .333 8 PA 6 AB 2 hits (single and triple) with 4 RBI) so when i do play i show that i can be a positive contribution but i don’t complain about playing time because its the coachs decision on what is best whether i agree or not.

So how do i go about with this walking on thing. I think i could be a very good pitcher if i could get my velocity up a little more. One thing i need to work on is being confident with throwing hard. I used to be a control pitcher that didn’t throw very hard until this year i can throw hard but i don’t all the time because of new mechanics and im worried ill start walking everyone. I would like to know of a good throwing program (would tuff cuff be good during a summer season?) and a good workout program because i do like to lift weights for fun but im not very big (5ft6 175) i dont need to be big id actually like to slim down a little bit more so i could have the best stamina and velocity as i can, but also speed if i decide to go as an outfielder.

What do you think i should do when it comes to working out an stuff? I know one thing is that i will be the hardest worker there when it comes to college and i will work my butt off when it comes to the tryout but i’m not really sure what i should expect.

Can someone fill me in?

Contact the head coach of the team you want to try to get on, and ask him what the process is. Don’t volunteer anything other than your desire to play baseball for him! If he asks you any questions, answer truthfully, without embellishment, and for sure without your guesses as to why things took place as they did. And if you can, get your HS coach to give you an endorsement.

Don’t try to remake yourself in the 3 months between now and when fall ball will start! Relax and work on things you know are weak over the summer. In fact, it may be that your college team has some kind of summer program you might want to participate in.