Walking on at D1 school

Okay so I’m a senior in high school and was academically admitted to my dream school, I’m a 6’1 righty so I’m not a short pitcher, and I really wanna walk on at this school. I’m an 87-91 guy when healthy and was mid upper 80’s in the past summer but never threw it in front of the right people, obviously I have a change up and curve

I was wondering my chances at walking on and if it is possible for me to walk on does anyone know how much I will need to get my velo up to?

You’re velo is fine. 87-91 is my range and I’ve dominated some big schools. But walking on at a big school is extremely challenging. If there is no money invested in you then the amount of opportunities will be limited. It has worked before though. Try to get in contact with the coach and let him know who you are.

I walked on to an ACC school sitting 85 mph as a projectable lefty.

It’s doable. In fact I think most schools would take a chance on you at least for a roster spot. Once there, you have to fight to earn your way on to the field.