Walk-up, warm-up music

What would be a good warmup/walkup song for me. I was thinking Lollipop by Lil’ Wayne( not the explicit parts), or One More Sad Song by the All-American Rejects.

Well personally for myself I liked Hell’s Bells by AC/DC

See, I cant do acdc because their singer cant sing.

The Fallen by Franz Ferdinand might work.

It’s raining men, or Girls just want to have fun :lol:

My dad suggested the former. :lol:

I had a guy who had a large family and every time he came out of the pen or dugout his sisters had a large tape player that would play “you got another thing coming” by a band called … (are you ready for this…)
Judist Priest.

Got kind of catchy after a while … the crowd went nuts every time they played that thing.

One game though, the other club took offense to it … telling them that they hand another thing coming … shelled our guy good … then everyone in the other dugout started chanting … you got another thing coming … when he was relieved and started walking off the mound headed for the showers.

What goes around comes around … :music:

Coach B.

You don’t need the vocals just the intro (which is a long one by the way) and the intro is badass, that’s why I think it’s a good one. Guess not for you though.

It is a decent song, just doesn’t fit my personality. See, I’m laid back and sort of SoCal( which is weird as hell because I’m from Pittsburgh). I mean, I wear a necklace with seashells on it everywhere I go. I’d consider it, but my persona doesn’t really fit that song.

And no way as a devout Catholic like me, am I going to use a song by a band called Judas Priest.

Ya know what would be sick? I could get my old girlfriend to come to one of my games and have them play She Hates Me by Puddle of Mudd. That would be funny, maybe borderline wrong.