Walk ons

can someone tell me how the walk on process goes for a college baseballl team?

There’s usually a tryout in the first week of school – in the fall. Generally, it lasts a day and is not part of a regular team practice. Pitchers will throw the equivalent of a 50 pitch bullpen. There might be a timed run in the outfield – 40 or 60 yd. dash. Hate to say it, but very few, if any walk ons actually make it on the team. Some become practice players. Pitchers and catchers, in my opinion, usually have the best shot at walking on. Generally, infielders, the center fielder, and pitchers get most of the scholarship money. Not saying it can’t be done, but it’s tough. I strongly recommend talking with the coach in his office BEFORE the tryout. Make sure the first time he’s seeing you isn’t at that tryout. Make an appointment and stop by for a few minutes, tell him you’re looking forward to trying out, and that you’d like to help pout the team in any way – including being a manager and practice player, if you’re committed. A buddy of mine did this as a freshman and was a starter as a junior. He even played semi-pro ball after college. But he started out as team manager.

hey mr. ellis Is this for every school? do u know if it’s different for like division 2 or division 3 schools??

I’m not sure about Division II or III schools. The D III school I coached at in southern Illinois for a couple of years didn’t hold open tryouts. But we did at Division 1 Bradley University, where I played my college ball.

I think the thing about tryouts is to stay positive. Stay serious. And work hard. Do things that make yourself stand out – hustle, poise, etc.

Also: dress the part! I can’t tell you how many guys showed up in jeans for the tryout. Don’t do that! Wear sweat pants or baseball pants, sleeves (don’t do the muscle-T thing), and a hat. This might seem like “DUH!” but you’d be surprised ho many well-meaning kids don’t give themselves a shot at making the team simply because of how they’re dressed.

Mr. Ellis, if what you said just before was true, even though you did not speak of yourself being a manager, did any of the players come and talk to you before the practice? Is that what caused you to give the advice that you have?

at my school which is DII our cf was a walk on and one of our pitchers too, but it isnt common