Walk on

next year i will be a freshman in college and i really want to make the baseball team there because it has always been a dream of mine to play college ball. can anyone give me advice on how to make the team as a walk-on. What type of things will i have to do to stick out and show the coaches what i can do

I would contact the coaching staff first to let them know of your intentions. This way they can come out and see you in the spring or summer and get a look at you in games. Also, find out if the school you are interested in has summer camps or early fall camps. Go to these after you have talked to the staff, again so they can get another look at you.

In order to participate in a walk-on tryout, you have to be enrolled in the school you are trying out for first. If the coaching staff gets a look at you first in games or camps, they can be honest with you about the possibilities of making the team. This way you will not end up being enrolled at a school that might not be your first choice if you do not make the team.

Go to that school’s games and try to form an honest opinion as to wether or not you think you can play at that level. Good grades and a good act/sat score will help as well if you’re borderline.

Good luck.