Walk On Tryouts

Hello everyone,

I haven’t posted too often on here, but I will hopefully get a few more in, as well, I am hoping to get up a few more videos shortly.

What I have some questions about are…the Open tryouts and the Perfect Game Showcases.

Obviously the Open tryouts are for anyone…but I have heard that the PG Showcases are mostly just for high school students…so I would assume that would not apply to me, wanting to be a “walk on”.

I am also wondering if I am even considered a “walk on”, or what is meant by that term.

Any direction with this matter would help a lot.
I’m sure that doesn’t take care of all of my questions…so stay tuned for more. :stuck_out_tongue:



You should state how old you are and what level you’re looking to play.

Good point Roger,

My apologies.
I am 23 years old, and looking to get onto a college team or a division team, whatever is meant to be type thing.


Are you in college?

You’re considered a walk on everytime you tryout for a team you were not recruited/asked to play for.

If you are 23 arn’t you already out of college?