Wakefield Knuckleball

Anybody have any articles or clips of Wakefield talking about his knuckleball?

Also, does anyone know when he started to actually throw it because I know he was drafted as a 1st baseman by the Pirates?

All the vids. of him talking about it are translated to Japanese.

However I do know he was in AAA as a 1B in the Pirates organization. They were close to cutting him because he wasn’t performing well, one day he was throwing the knuckler around and a pitching coach walked by and saw it, then he said before they dropped him he was gonna’ talk to the GM about putting him on the mound. Wakefield played around with it in his backyard as a kid and all through baseball has tossed a few around and then he became an MLB pitcher and a very successful one at that.

i know how he grips it


he pinches hard with his thumb

Btw: his middle finger just rests on the ball, I’ve seen pics. of his release and even some frame by frames, he really only digs in and follows with his index finger.

not possible

the middle is longer so he doesn’t fllick/push it as hard
if he di the k ball would spin

why is his ring finger off :?:

He uses his index I’m telling you I’ll find the link on knuckleballhq showing the release. His ring finger is off to the side like with most successful k-ballers he only curls the index and middle. The pinky is poking out and bent because he wants to take that extra finger off the ball as his ring finger counters the thumb.

EDIT: I checked the pics. I messed up he only used the middle and doesn’t use the index, he barely touches the ball with his index and only follows with the middle.