Wade Davis

I would like to see a clip of future Rays pitcher Wade Davis. If anyone has one.


come on people

the Rays are hopeless

yea thats true but when davis and mcgee are called up it will be a totally differnet story

hopeless implies that there is no hope, meaning nothing can be done to save them. Thus, there is nothing that can be done to dig the Rays out of their pathetically deep ditch, IMO.

they might get barry bonds?

Wouldn’t that increase their suckability (how much they suck balls)?

slurve, barry bonds would increase their suckability? what are you talking about hes still one of the most feared hitters and has led the mlb in obp. im pretty sure that helps a team.

I think Bonds could help. Its the AL so he can DH. Also he missed almost 40 games last yr but he still managed to hit 28 HRs. So maybe I’m missing something but how would a guy who can hit you 30 HRs add to a teams “suckability”? Just for the record I hate Bonds, but there’s no denying he can hit steriods or not.

Also I’m not a fan of the Rays I’m actually a NYer and a fan of the Yanks, but I dont think they’re going to be that bad this year, Upton, Crawford and Baldelli in the outfield who all have the ability to put up numbers, than Longoria coming up this year at 3rd, Ayabar at short and if Aki can do what he did last season and Pena can do half of what he did, thats a pretty good lineup if you ask me. Than you have Kazmir and Price, and a few other good young arms like Jackson and a few of those minor leaguers and a few other vets they picked up this yr, I think they look pretty good. And if you think young pitching can’t get it done look at the Marlins back with Beckett, Dontrelle, and Burnett.

Do I think they will actually beat out the yanks and the sox? no. But have crazier things happened in baseball? yes. I just think they’re better than a lot of you think they are.

Yes there going after bonds which will provide good DH power. There also going after Mike Piazza and Kenny Lofton to teach there young players the tricks of the trade. Piazza is over the hill. Lofton still has good fielding ability but under average hitting


What a team