w00t! Got the last save of the year!

Okay so my coach doesn’t pitch me much but, last night was our last game of the year and the 3 times I’ve pitched I was the closer.

He trusted me to come in with 0 out and 2 men on after playing me at 1B and so I come in, 1st guy gets a hit off of me, oh well little bloop, not my fault.

Next batters are 2, 3 and 4 in their lineup.

  1. 1st pitch foul out!

  2. Grounder to third on a 1-2 count.

  3. K, 2-2 I surprise him by throwing the high heat when he had only seen the knuckler.

Well my stats would look unbelievable if I was a regular pitcher but, I only pitched 3 times to close out games.

W: 1
L: 0
S: 2
ERA: 0.00
R: 0
ER: 0
K: 2
Batting average against: I’ll just say 2-11
Hits: 2
BB: 0 (I can throw strikes coach so suck it!)

Well my coach wouldn’t let me pitch much because he doesn’t like side armers and he doesn’t think I can get my knucklers over the plate.

He must have trusted me somewhat though if he had me in for save situations against the tougher teams and to preserve our perfect season in the end.