Vulcan Changeup

What are the plus sides of throwing the Vulcan changeup, as opposed to the traditional circle change?

You’d be better off with a regular circle change.
The problem with the Vulcan changeup is the grip. One is supposed to grip the ball between the middle and ring fingers—much like the way one grips the forkball or its cousin the splitter with the index and middle fingers—and here’s the problem: the third, fourth and fifth fingers are connected with a tendon that isn’t all that strong, and you’d run the risk of injuring your hand and not being able to use it. The composer Robert Schumann was doing some exercises to strengthen those three fingers, especially the fourth and fifth fingers, and he tore that tendon and screwed up his right hand and was never able to play the piano again—which was why he turned to composing. So, unless you have a King Kong-sized paw that can accommodate that grip, best to leave it alone. 8)

i always thought this pitch was useless in the sense that if you want to throw a change up throw a change up and if you want to throw a splitter throw a splitter. not some kind of hybrid pitch nobody throws except some kind of freak that turned out to be somehow effective with it.

Plus side…hmmm…here it is, it sounds like a cool pitch!