Vulcan Change?

What is the vulcan change? like what is different in it from a splitter?

The way I’ve seen it, you space it (the ball) between the middle and ring fingers instead of the index and middle fingers. I think you also pronate a little too.

you were the guy I was waiting for, thanks :smiley:

Great pics, TheWatch. I saw Gagne pitch the other night against the Sox. He came in a middle relief roll. Man, he’s put on some weight! But he’s still pretty nastola. :slight_smile:

how much do you pronate and at when in the motion?

being a french-canadien i have a lot of oportunity to hear about gagné and last time he was on a tv show talking about his new team and the guy asked him what was the grip on his change-up he explained it was just qa circlechange he had modified he shown the change-up grip and he pulled his thumb toward his palm rolling the ball. he ended up in a vulcan change position he then splitted them a bit more and said all the pressure was on his middle finger and his thumb. he was holding it 4-seam too, which is pretty unusual since he gets so much sink on it.