I’ve done another pitching log but it was too spread out and i didn’t like it.

So here goes…

I’m a senior in high school, baseball is as much a part of me as anything else. And i have a dream to get somewhere with it. I only wish to get to the highest possible place i can get. And to look back on it and say that what i’ve achieved is my best work.

Height-6 ft
Weight-200 lbs
Fastball Velo-83-86 mph
curveball-1 to 7 at about 70 mph
Change up- running in at 73 mph.

Have no regrets at the finish.
Work as hard as it is in my capability to do.
See a 90 mph reading on a radar gun from me
Win a state championship this high school year
Be the pitcher no one wants to face this year.
Show people i can pitch at a division 1 level and beyond.

Couple days to go over.

Yesterday I had a tour at Northeastern University, beautiful campus, loved every part of Boston. Really would like to go there for college. Division 1 baseball. a challenge, but definately within reach. Today i threw a small bullpen off the mound, pitching tomorrow in the fall showcase league playoffs. just took it easy, focused on keeping my mechanics smooth. radar had me around 80 mph. everything was pretty loose, ready to go for tomorrow. Today was a gym day however so i did my workout after pitching. didn’t do any lifting upper body, hard 1 mile run to sort of flush everything out. makes my whole body feel better. then went hard at the legs. I’m keeping a log of my workouts so i won’t post them here. but my next gym day is sunday. i’ll post then too on how tomorrow goes. hopefully well!

Another workout day. Still staying off the upper body mainly as i’m still doing the long toss program. this week i’ll be long tossing monday tuesday thursday friday. tuesday friday being the heavy days. bullpen monday and thursday. didn’t pitch on saturday. i was going to start the championship but we lost the stupid playoff game. up 6 to 0 in the fifth and they had a seven run inning. longest inning i’ve seen in awhile. that’s it for the baseball season for me. so very disappointed at that. but now i can point all my attention to next spring and school ball.

Damn are you a lefty or righty?

Good work today. Very cold outside somewhere in the forty’s with a wind chill. got extra loose prior to throwing then did some long toss and threw off the mound a little. working on being more linear to the plate as i tend to over rotate my torso, causing me to lose command and probably some velocity. that’s going to take some time. i think to do it my leg kick will have to change. as i’ve worked on fixing my front leg from “swinging” to going directly towards the plate. but in order to get my whole body staying linear, i’ll have to alter my leg kick a little. Anyway. Played some basketball for an hour and a half which took it out of me so I just did core and some light dumbbell work with my stretching.

And to answer your question, I’m right handed :slight_smile: i’d love to be a lefty though

Stupid headcold set me back a couple days. too cold outside to do much of anything anyways… haven’t been able to lift in a couple days. just some light stretching and chicken noodle soup. back to it this weekend when i should be close to 100 percent.

did some drill work today. worked on not overrotating and bracing up my front side. thought i felt some improvement. its a work in progress. It feels like being more open and less turned towards centerfield will help me get on top of my curveball better and also make it easier to turn over my fastball to get a little movement as well

amazing what a grade 2 ankle sprain can do. I don’t advise them. Anyway finally got back to doing some weight training yesterday. it was day one of the winter workouts with my coach. great guy. I still can’t do any impact things. sprinting, jumping, etc. but i can weight train for the most part. had a good first day. some med ball work followed by goblet squats, pull ups, planks, one arm rows, one arm dumbell press, some wrist work and scap work. i finished the workout with some work with the bands attached to the ankles. did some slow shuffles and went through the pitching motion both righty and lefty. good first day. right now building a base of strength to call on as we progress into some tougher stuff. haven’t thrown in 2 weeks or so. using my ankle time as shoulder rest time too. long season with a lot of wear and tear. should pick up a ball again around christmas i’d say. perfect present :slight_smile: today i did some stationary bike to build up some endurance in my legs, followed by stretching. tomorrow back ot the weight room.

Offseason is rolling now. Still can’t do any impact things on my ankle like hard running and jumps etc. Still had a great week in the weight room though. No throwing until after january first is the plan as of now, but i’ve worked out a plan with my school athletic director to let me use the school cages in the morning before school. going to have to get up early as heck. but i think it’s worth it. only time the gym is open i guess. i’ll post how those go by the end of the week. still working out logistics for it

Another week done in the weight room. I saw all of my weights increase by at least five pounds and my max push ups and pulls ups both increased as well. It’s nice to see my body reacting well early in this offseason workout. Still have a ton of work to do however. one more week of this workout then it gets shaken up for the next 3 weeks. still working on the hitting in the cages at the school a student needs supervision so i’m working on getting people on a sort of rotating basis to come in and spot. should have that figured out soon. Ankle’s almost back, can jump rope for a little while before pain sets in, but still can’t jump at 100%. working on it. got accepted to northeastern university so i’m going to spend the rest of the school year and summer trying to contact the coach, Neil McPhee, and get onto his radar somehow.